The Living and the Dead (BBC Telly Series) (2016)

I’ve been waiting for new series where Colin Morgan would be the main character. And just almost 24 hours ago my dream came true. Well, not necessarily 24 hours, actually it was around 2 weeks ago when I first watched it on the BBC iPlayer.

Yep, as the title of this post indicates, the series I’m talking about is The Living and the Dead. It is an awesome series with six awesome episodes. Well, I’ve watched all the six episodes and i got hooked.  Continue reading

Rekomendasi Serial TV Inggris (a.k.a. Blame It on the BBC)

Bagi yang suka banget nonton serial tv tapi bosen dengan serial tv yang tayang di Indonesia, saya kasih tiga rekomendasi serial tv asal Inggris. Tentunya serial – serial tv yang saya rekomendasikan di sini punya jalan cerita dan cara penyampaian yang beda banget dengan serial – serial tv yang tayang di Indonesia.

Nah, gak usah lama – lama, langsung aja… Continue reading